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Archive for January, 2008

Divorce Quote for the Day

Monday, January 28th, 2008

“Don’t get mad – get everything.”

Ivana Trump

Fight with Your Spouse and Live Longer

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

?Scientists have discovered a new way to live longer. Fight with your spouse.

Ernest Harburg, a professor at the University of Michigan, and his colleagues, studied 192 married couples over a period of 17 years.

The statistics showed that spouses who were able to express their anger lived longer than those who bottled it up.

The article.

A contrary view.

Monty Python’s “The Argument Clinic”

Alert for Maryland Homeowners

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Real Estate Broker, Harlene Bernstein, calls our attention to the following important change in Maryland real estate taxes.

If you own a home in Maryland, in the past few weeks you received a letter in your tax assessment notification. It filled a page single-spaced and started out with the usual boring message about your tax assessment.

Buried in the middle, however, was a significant change this year regarding the real property tax savings for owner occupants.

In the past the Homestead Tax Credit Eligibility was done automatically and only once.

This year, the State of Maryland has included a new application as the second, easily overlooked, page in your tax assessment notification.

YOU MUST FILE that application again this year by April 1, 2008, in order to qualify for the real property tax savings as a homeowner.

If you do not have the application form, additional information may be obtained by calling the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation at 410-767-2165 or 1-966-650-8783.

Please do not fail to take advantage of this savings on your real property taxes.

The Zen Divorce

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Eminent psychologist, life coach and author, Dr. Dorree Lynn, has published my article, The Zen Divorce, at FiftyandFurthermore.Com, her website devoted to sage wisdom for those of us who are “a bit over 30”.

Here is an excerpt:

Oh me, oh my,
A fortune in gold and silver had I.
But I spent it all in town last night,
In case tomorrow I might die.

– Unknown

As a divorce lawyer, I make a living off the infidelity, desertion and cruelty of others. I have seen people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting over the marital estate. Believe me, I know how hard it is to toil, sacrifice and save for years to build up an estate, only to watch helplessly as it is destroyed almost instantly in a divorce. It is tough to let go of money. Yet that counterintuitive step is the secret of what I call the Zen Divorce.

Ricketts Revisited

Monday, January 21st, 2008

While Virginia and D.C. permit spouses to obtain a divorce on no-fault grounds of separation while living in the same house, Maryland still requires them to be living not under the same roof.

However, in Maryland you can obtain a divorce on the fault grounds of cruelty, adultery or desertion while living in the same house.

The Ricketts case in 2006 allowed a limited divorce to go forward on grounds of constructive desertion when the parties were living in separate bedrooms in the same house.

We are seeing more Ricketts type cases being filed in our own practice. One question we lawyers were asking each other was whether Ricketts, a limited divorce case, would apply in an absolute divorce. There was really no reason that it should not.

So we asked one of the Montgomery County Family Law Masters. We were told that the Judges and Masters will let all such cases go forward to trial, but warn the parties early in the case that the outcome is fact specific, and the Court may not grant their divorce.

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