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Archive for October, 2012

Divorce and Housework

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

My wife has a humorous coaster on the coffee table that says, “Housework became a snap when I realized — Hey, I’m a man!”  A new study is probably going to be the topic of a conversation tonight when she reads this.  Using data from 2007 and 2008, researchers looked at thousands of Norwegian couples to see if they could find any correlations between marriage, housework and happiness.

  • 71% had relationships where the women did all or most of the housework.
  • 4% had relationships where the men did all or most of the housework.
  • 25% of the couples shared housework equally.

They found that divorce rates were significantly higher among the 4% where the men did most of the housework.

However, men before you throw down the dish towel, the researchers concluded this might just mean that modern couples are more likely to divorce than old-fashion couples, and housework has no effect on divorce at all.

Stay Calm in Your Child Custody Battle

Monday, October 1st, 2012

“The kids need haircuts!” were the first words Michael said when he walked into the library conference room for the mediation with his lawyer.

“I’d get them one if you would pay some child support!” shot back Sandy, his estranged wife, who was already seated in the conference room with her lawyer.

Before the exchange could heat up any more, retired Judge O’Malley, dressed nattily in a tweed sport coat, looked up from his papers at the head of the conference table and peered over his reading glasses.

“Let me give both of you a tip,” he said in his slow, quiet voice that demanded attention.  “The court doesn’t like hysterical, angry witnesses.  If it’s a close call, and one party is hysterical and emotional and the other one is calm and rational, the judge is usually going to go with the one that’s calm.”

With the stakes so high in a child custody case, it’s easy to become frustrated and angry.  So a Florida law firm asked a couple of therapists for ideas.   Read their responses in “Avoiding Anger During a Custody Case.”

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