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Archive for June, 2014

Social Media Prenups

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Prenuptial agreements, and postnuptial agreements, are used to determine financial aspects of a marriage or divorce.  But you can also add lifestyle clauses to deal with non-financial matters as well.  The Weinberger Law Group suggests a social media clause.

A social media prenup clause would provide that neither party would put any negative, disparaging, embarrassing, insulting or unflattering content on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.  You might agree not to post photos of the children or anything about family finances.  Some couples agree they will not post anything about each other on social media in the event of divorce.

Something to think about in the wired world we live in.

Persuasion by Silence

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Silence can be useful in negotiations.

Someone once said what I didn’t say in my letters was more important than what I did say. They were obviously reading my silent message in the blanks between the lines.

Here is a good example of how to use silence from David Mamet’s play, Glenngary Glen Ross:


Now I handed

them the pen. I held it in my hand.

I turned the contract, eight units

eighty-two grand. “Now I want you

to sign.”


I sat there. Five minutes. Then,

I sat there, Ricky, twenty-two

minutes by the kitchen clock.


Twenty-two minutes by the kitchen

clock. Not a word, not a motion.

I have seen clients reject reasonable proposals, not for the message, but for the way in which the message is delivered.  It is better if you can help the other side, opposing counsel, a judge or a jury come to the right conclusion on their own rather than telling them what it is. These limericks will show you what I mean.

“There once was a poet from Peru,

Whose limericks ended at line two.”

“There once was a poet from Verdun…”

Using Bitcoin to Hide Assets

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Bitcoin, a digital currency, can be used to hide assets in a divorce, warns Jane Croft in the Financial Times.  Dishonest spouses are failing to disclose Bitcoin investments.  Unlike bank accounts or stock, it is harder to link Bitcoin investments to a particular person. There are also online forum discussions on how to use Bitcoin to hide wealth. Divorce lawyers are starting to add questions about digital currencies to their discovery requests.

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