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Marriage Mentors

?Before you make an appointment to see me, your friendly neighborhood divorce lawyer, you might want to try a marriage mentor.

Mike and Harriet McManus of Potomac, Maryland, have been married 42 years. The are marriage mentors expert at teaching skills to divorce-proof a marriage.

In 1996, Mike and Harriet co-founded a non-profit corporation called Marriage Savers, Inc. The goal is to push down divorce and cohabitation rates and raise marriage rates.

The key strategy is for local clergy to adopt a Community Marriage Policy. Mike McManus describes the policy as follows, “They will work together across denominational lines to build kind of a compact, a covenant, that they will not do anymore quickie weddings, that they will require couples to go through serious preparation.” Marriage Savers then trains clergy and Mentor Couples in participating churches to help other couples save marriages.

Marriage mentors seems like a great idea to me. They don’t teach you the skills in school that you need for a good marriage.


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