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No Fear

Fear is a prevalent emotion during a divorce.  And there are a lot of things to be afraid of, like:

  • An uncertain future
  • Financial hardships
  • Loneliness
  • Unhappiness

“I have many great fears of my pending divorce. I’m afraid of my kids looking at another man as a second dad. Though we have agreed on joint custody of our 4-year-old boy and unborn child, that still means they will be with her next husband the same amount of time I am. I’m afraid that I will never be as happy with anyone else as I have been with my wife. I know I will get jealous of her being with another man – being intimate with him, telling him she loves him. It tears me apart inside.” Andy’s Dad at

Andy says his wife was his one true love.  But let me tell you one of the Secrets of the Universe.  True loves are like street cars.  There’s another one coming along every five minutes.

Here’s another Secret of the Universe.  You only meet your one true love after you have lost your one true love.  Just ask my clients who have remarried.

Andy’s Dad’s fears are reasonable, but given time, they will become less and less important to him.  His life will become complicated with new relationships.  Eventually his fears will fade, and his feelings will become peace, tranquility, serenity and happiness.

What are your divorce fears?  Feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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2 Responses to “No Fear”

  1. Patricia Seaver, MSW Says:

    I think the commentary is over simplified and naive. Human nature, response to loss, and recovery from the stress of divorce differs from individual to individual.

    True loves are not like “streetcars” nor does time heal all people. This is one of the reasons people (should) seek professional help.

  2. Dr. Dorree Lynn Says:

    I welcome this site and especially this article as it addresses issues that are too frequently ignored. Of course, divorce elicits fears. How could it be otherwise? When one leaves familiar territory such as a marriage, even if the relationship has brought unhappiness and is no longer fulfilling, one enters unknown territory. By definition, entering the unknown elicits fear. How one handles a divorce is unique.
    Paying attention to one’s fears and courageously address them, leaves one in a better position to achieve a “good” divorce where the chances of moving on well increase.
    Thanks for writing so candidly on fears and divorce.

    Dr. Dorree Lynn
    Psychologist, “Sexpert”

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