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Watching Jon & Kate

The Learning Channel is a cable television network in Silver Spring, Maryland, established in 1980 with an educational mission.

Watching Jon and Kate Gosselin is giving us all an education in the difficulties of marriage.  The reality tv show has become a sensation in its fifth season as the husband and wife raising eight children are suddenly becoming unhappily married before our eyes.  There are rumors of infidelity on the part of both spouses.

Ratings are going through the roof as we all watch the marriage disassemble like a car wreck you can’t take your eyes off of.

“Couples squabble. Dealing with eight kids is an overwhelming task,” says Laurie Goldberg of TLC.  “The show will do well as it remains authentic and relatable.”

The couple is under contract for 39 more episodes, so even if their marriage breaks down, we might get to watch them proceed through a divorce.

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