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The Perils of Divorce Over 50

As the baby boomer population reaches retirement age, divorces are doubling.  Call it a second midlife crisis.  Whatever the cause, it can throw a monkey wrench into the best laid retirement plans.  Divorce is not a planned financial event.

The pension plan that was going to fund vacations and travel for two people may be split in half in a divorce.  Now it must pay for two vacations, two dwellings, two cars and so forth.  It may cost as much as 50% more for two people to live separately as it does to live together as a couple.  Also, if one person gets sick, they may have to hire a caregiver.

None of the solutions are attractive.  You can delay retirement, save more or reduce your life style.  If you divorce in your 20s or 30s, you have time to recover your losses.  It is not as easy if you divorce at 60 or 65.

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